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Not to be missed

La chiesa di FontanileThe area in the immediate vicinity of the Farm Holiday Home is replete with trails that offer breathtaking panoramas, with uphills and downhills and spectacular views over entire hillsides cultivated with orderly row upon row of grapevines. The panoramas change completely with the passing seasons, making truly worthwhile to take the trails in any period of the year.

For example, the road which passes through Alice Bel Colle and continues down to Acqui Terme, the road from Mombaruzzo Stazione to Nizza Monferrato, the round from Rocchetta Palafea in the direction of Canelli. And don't forget to stop and visit the little cities and towns along the way with their interesting historic centres, stores, craftsman's shops as well as wine and food tours.

We will be sure to give you all of the most updated information so that your visit far exceeds your expectations!

The brief list below offers an example of the tours or events available to curious visitors:

ACQUI TERME Mineral water spa with wellness packages
AGLIANO TERME Mineral water spa with wellness packages
ASTI Centenari , museum visit and tyorron and chocolate tasting
CALAMANDRANA Saturday, typical products and organic foods market
CANELLI Underground Cathedrals at the Contratto farm
CASALOTTO Berta Distillery with Museum and Tasting of Typical Local Grappas
FONTANILE Chocolate and Easter Egg Factory and Shop
FONTANILE Local Wine Growers' Cooperative with wine tasting and wine shop
FONTANILE Laboratory where the "barbatelle" (rooted vine cuttings) are produced
MOMBARUZZO Bakery where the Mombaruzzo almond cookies are made by hand
MOMBARUZZO Organic honey laboratory
NIZZA MONFERRATO Nizza Local Wine Growers' Cooperative with wine tastings and shop
NIZZA MONFERRATO Balestrino Distillery
NIZZA MONFERRATO Figli di Pinin Pero Company Sugar Museum
NIZZA MONFERRATO Bersano Farm Life Museum
SANTO STEFANO BELBO Home of Cesare Pavese and Museum dedicated to this Italian twentieth century author

We can also propose or organise quad bike tours, guided tours "in search of woodland animals", walks in collaboration with the Acqui Termi chapter of the CAI (Italian Alpine Club), itineraries in the Rocchetta Tanaro Park or in the Val Sermassa Reserves, Andonace Valley and Botto Valley.

Here is another brief list of the events scheduled in the different months of the year. We will be happy to provide the exact dates and any updates, upon request ...

Castelnuovo Belbo Sagra delle Pacloche - The Giant Ravioli Festival
Golosaria tra i castelli del Monferrato - Culinary Delights Amid the Castles of Monferrato
Quaranti Sagra dei ceci - Chickpea Festival
Frascaro Frascaro in Fiore - Market exhibition of plants and flowers
Nizza Monferrato Fiera del Santi Cristo - Santi Cristo Fair
Vinchio Sagra asparo saraceno - Saracen Asparagus Festival
Castelnuovo Belbo Camminata enogastronomica - Wine and Food Walk
Nizza Monferrato Nizza è Barbera - Nizza is Barbera Wine
Cantine Aperte - Open Wine Cellars
Castelli aperti - Open Castles
Castelli aperti - Open Castles
Nizza Monferrato Corse delle Botti - The Barrel Races
Monferrato in tavola - Monferrato Banquet
Canelli Assedio di Canelli - The Siege of Canelli
Asti Il gustado'm, serata gastronomica - Wine and food evening gala
Mombaruzzo I percorsi del gusto - The Taste Trails
Cortiglione Festa della trebbiatura - The Threshing Fair
Mombaruzzo Serate con i vini - Wine tasting evenings
Castelli aperti - Open Castles
Castelli aperti - Open Castles
Mombaruzzo Serate con i vini - Wine tasting evenings
Castelnuovo Belbo 5 giorni enogastronomici - 5 Wine and Food days
Castelli aperti - Open Castles
Castelli aperti - Open Castles
Asti Festa del vino Douja d'or - Douja d'or Wine Fair
Asti Palio d'Asti - The Asti Festival and Bareback Horse Race
Asti Festa delle sagre - Feast of the Festivals
Frascaro Frutti e bujoi dei paesi tuoi - Farming and Cattle Breeding Fair
Torino Salone del gusto - Food Fair
Bergamasco Fiera del tartufo di Bergamasco - Bergamasco Truffle Fair
Alba Fiera del Tartufo Bianco - White Truffle Fair
Mombaruzzo Fiera mercato dei prodotti tipici - Typical Products Marketfair
Alba Fiera del Tartufo Bianco - White Truffle Marketfair

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